At Content By The Sea, we help businesses to develop a content strategy that works for them.

Wherever you are on your digital journey, we’ll work with you to bring value to your customers through informative and innovative content. Every business is unique, that’s why we don’t offer out-of-the-box solutions. Instead, let’s work together to find out how content can drive your business forward. Here’s what we do:

Content Strategy

Take control of your content. We'll consider how content can bring value to your customers and use this as the foundation of your content strategy. From here, we can make sure every word we write delivers against those key business objectives.

Branding & Governance

It's all well and good having a brand that suits your business, but often portraying that to the wider business is where people stumble. Whether it's workshops, training materials or brand guidelines, we can help supply the governance you need to protect your brand.


The written word is a powerful thing. Tell us about your business and I'll transform it into eye-catching content your clients will love. Everything we do is part of a wider content strategy, bringing purpose to every word we write.

UX & Website Design

We bring common sense back to web design. Our content-led approach allows us to build your website to match your brand without sacrificing UX. We provide website management services too, so you're not left in the lurch when it's time to go live.

More about what we do

Straight-forward content

Your website is more than just an algorithm. It needs to inspire your customers, wow your competitors and, well, it has to appear on Google. That's where your content strategy comes in.

Getting started

Your website, email marketing and social media channels are nothing without great content. Lay the foundations with a comprehensive strategy and let's go from there.

Keep it simple

Does your content value to your customers? From web design to wireframes, SEO copy to blog articles... it's all in the strategy.

Nice to meet you.

Meet the faces behind the waves. Ellen has several years' experience in digital marketing, copywriting and content strategy, working with businesses in the UK and Australia. Potter is a retired racing greyhound with only lazy bones in his body.

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