A lesson in accountability: Why I’m writing every day in October


This is the first in a series of articles for #OctoberWrites. I’m writing an article every weekday in October, exploring topics such as content strategy, web design best practice, mental health and freelance life. 

If you’re a freelancer, you’ll probably be aware of “feast or famine” whereby solopreneurs are in a constant state of flux between drowning in work and starving for new projects. Since starting Content By The Sea in February of this year, I’ve been living the feast stage. Although a great for my portfolio and bank balance, my own personal writing has been sidelined in favour of client work. 

Not only have I neglected my own writing, I have also been faced with the daily struggle of managing my mental health. Without my amazing therapist constantly giving me encouragement, despite crippling Imposter Syndrome and intense periods of grief, I would have never made it this far. 

For the reasons above, I’ve decided to kickstart my own writing again by promising one article every weekday for the month of October. This month is my favourite – it’s my birthday and Hallowe’en, it means cosy nights in and hearty meals re-watching old horror movies and cuddling Potter. 

This is Halloween

By making the promise of daily articles to the internet, rather than just myself, I am ensuring accountability. Returning to the practice of writing every day is a daunting but exciting premise, and I can’t wait to see where the month takes us! 

So, keep your eyes peeled for content from me every day. From content strategy advice to introspective mental health updates and frank insights into freelance life – I’ll be publishing it all here on Linkedin and over at Medium. 

Let’s do this!