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Web Design & Copywriting

Website Mobile Mock Ups

Accomplishing with Approved Mortgage Solutions to design and build a brand new website that’s easy to navigate, optimised for enquiries and fully FCA compliant.

When Approved Mortgage Solutions (AMS) first approached us, they hadn’t updated their website in over ten years. The online offering was still running Flash and not mobile-friendly.

As independent mortgage advisers, AMS is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Consequently, the team had been hesitant to risk their compliance status with a website and content overhaul.

Along with compliance, AMS was concerned about branding and photography. The Sunderland-based company were keen to avoid the generic US-style cheesy stock photos that were prevalent across the industry, in favour of images that depicted a wide variety of British homes.

With a clear vision in mind of how to portray the AMS brand, we set about developing a content plan that covered all areas of the business: mortgage, protection and insurance advice. Meanwhile, we created several mock-up designs to fit their tastes and budget. Previously, the content on the website was not answering visitors’ most prevalent questions, nor was it optimised to turn these visitors into enquiries.

Project Planning & Wireframe

Due to the sheer amount of content required on the new AMS website, it was important to properly plan each page and how it would fit within the wireframe. Through a series of consultations, we formed the foundation for the main service offering.

Next, we took this information and combined it with keyword and competitor research. This allowed us to ensure content is optimised for organic search while covering all areas of the brand’s key offering and highlighting the team’s highly developed expertise.

From first-time buyer tips to considerations for remortgaging and Buy-to-Let insurance requirements, we crafted unique sections of detailed content around medium volume, low competitivity keywords.

As content-led web designers, we ensured all content was written and approved before implementation and design began – there’s no Lorem Ipsum here!

Initial website concept for Approved Mortgage Solutions
Initial website concept for Approved Mortgage Solutions

Branding & Imagery

The only design element we carried over to the new site was the logo.

We developed a colour scheme and image bank to match AMS’s requirements. From the outset, the team were keen to avoid “cheesy” stocky photos, particularly those with an American twist! We carefully curated a bank of images showing all different types of UK living, everything from village homes to city apartments and suburban living.

Another major part of developing a brand for AMS was nailing the tone of voice. By creating user personas, we were able to gain an understanding of what each potential visitor needed to know. Whether they’re first time buyers or looking to remortgage, we were sure to cover their key queries while retaining the same straight-to-the-point tone of voice throughout.

Our job is not only to create a content hub that answers common queries regarding mortgage, protection and insurance advice, but to encourage enquiries. That’s where UX and optimisation come in.

Technical Support

Ahead of launching AMS’s new website, we set up hosting, including SSL and domain direction. We also carried out 301 redirects to all previous subpages on the site, so that people landing from old documentation or historic listings aren’t hit with broken links.

Our priority was to launch the website on a secure domain reading to start ranking for the relevant keywords optimised through copy, metadata and alt texts.

“The website is brilliant. It was long overdue a refresh, it was very dated and didn’t work on tablets and smartphones. One of the main reasons I didn’t update it was I had not found anyone who listened and understood what we wanted as much as Ellen did.

“We are restricted on contents by the regulator and have always found it difficult to find marketing that gets the message across. Ellen listened to what we were trying to achieve and then worked tirelessly to deliver. She worked with us and our compliance company to deliver an amazing looking, informative and commercial website.”

“Nothing was too much trouble even when we changed things over and over. I would recommend Ellen and her services to anyone looking for a new website, a refresh of their current one or any digital, social media marketing for their business. Approved Mortgage Solutions Ltd are excited to be working with you going forward on some targeted marketing and all-round business development. Thanks once again.”