Komodo Digital

Content Strategy & Copywriting

Becoming an authority in tech through targeted content

Working with a forward-thinking creative product studio to establish a reputation for expertise that continually brings new traffic to their website.

About the client

In the technology sector, it can be hard to compete against the biggest names – where even in niche areas, their budget and brand reach may win customers before you ever get a chance.

For KOMODO Digital, a creative product studio specialising in digital products and apps, there was a need to build organic visibility to find new customers in both the UK and worldwide. The challenge KOMODO faced was that for many of their key service areas, such as app design, UX design and software development, they had to compete directly with the biggest brands in tech.

Fortunately, the forward-thinking team recognised the value of providing expert-driven content for customers looking for guides, tips and industry insights – which would, in turn, raise their visibility in search engines.

With a growing team but a lack of content resources, KOMODO chose to work with our team – the beginning of a successful long-term partnership.

How is this challenge relevant to your business?

If you’re competing against bigger brands, you can’t win on the quality of your product/service alone. These brands will have higher marketing budgets to fuel advertising and SEO, making it difficult for your own business to even appear against the competition when customers look for you.

Our approach

We worked with KOMODO to build an understanding of their service areas and plans for the future. Knowing this, we combed through keyword analysis tools to find the topics and terms relevant to KOMODO’s goals and useful to their potential customers.

That might sound confusing, so let’s give you an example: KOMODO’s service offering includes development and design, which means keywords around either topic could be useful to their brand. However, to help increase the chances of KOMODO being viewed as an authority in Google’s search results, we looked for question-based keywords for which we could provide novel opinions and insight.

We split the research between KOMODO’s various services, including user research, design and development, giving us lots of keywords to utilise. We then compiled these into article ideas, where each article addressed the keywords and also incorporated insight from the KOMODO team.

Each article was linked back to the main relevant service page, building a ‘map’ for Google to follow once a page was viewed as relevant. This meant that the authority we built through articles could be passed back to the main service pages.

KOMODO was extremely proactive about their content efforts, designing unique graphics to accompany key pieces, experimenting with various types of calls to action on the pages themselves and creating downloadable whitepapers to generate leads from interested customers.

This type of content approach is a great way to build authority on niche topics, which allows you to outdo far larger competitors, but it’s also a useful tool for increasing your overall traffic and potentially converting new customers. The more visits you receive, and the more clearly you can demonstrate authority to the visitors, the more likely you’ll be to win new business.


The results

We were delighted to work with KOMODO for a long time, building content authority across various topics as we moved through each quarterly focus area to support the business’s growth.

Recognising the value of content marketing, KOMODO recruited an internal marketing manager who became our primary contact. After continuing with our strategy and collaborating to produce stellar results, the team had enough content experience to begin managing the output themselves.

Ultimately, the partnership was productive and fruitful, leading to over 160% YoY growth. At our peak output during the relationship, KOMODO held first-page rankings (position 1-10) for almost 400 organic keywords (388).


What the client said

“Content By The Sea is a top content team. They are really focused on delivering for us. They are highly flexible in terms of capacity and the range of content types they can execute.

Whether it's following our briefs or pushing back and adding value from their experience, the support we have received over the years has been immense. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Any brand, no matter how big or small, can stand out online using clever content targeting. Don’t write it off because you can’t do it yourself – work with Content By The Sea and we’ll take care of the research, show you our strategy and create, publish and promote the content to help you win more traffic than ever before.