Lauren McWilliams

Web Design & Copywriting

A rebrand to remember. Working with brand photographer Lauren McWilliams to bring her website inline with her developing personal brand.

About the client

Lauren McWilliams is a freelance brand photographer and strategist based right here in the North East of England. Lauren specialises in working with owner-managed businesses to capture what makes them unique, giving them a bank of beautifully on-brand photos they can use across all of their marketing materials. 

Until now, Lauren has operated under the business name For You Photography. However, since her own personal and professional brands are synonymous with each other, she decided to simply transition to her own name as her overarching brand. 

The rebrand wasn’t just a change of name, but also a refresh of all of her branding, including her website and tone of voice. 

When you meet Lauren, you are immediately drawn in by her friendly and approachable persona. She is undoubtedly one of my favourite people to work with (she even took our photos that you’ll see all over this website!) So, I wanted to make sure that this came across to every visitor of her new website.

Without further ado, here’s how was born… and what we did to make it happen.  

Our approach

As Lauren was transitioning her brand to fit closer to her personality, we decided to work with a freelance graphic designer to refresh her colour palette and logo. The key to the success of this rebrand was to not take the new assets too far away from her old ones, but make it clear that this was Lauren’s brand version 2.0.

We kept the royal blue hue that Lauren had become known for, and added a warmer orange, yellow and teal. The palette is bright, fun and playful – all words I’d use to describe a photoshoot with Lauren!

Lauren McWilliams Logo

Since Lauren is a photographer, it was important to let her work speak for itself. We didn’t want text-heavy pages, but recognised the importance of including relevant keywords for SEO.

We also work with Lauren on her regular blog and newsletter, where she deep dives into a wide variety of topics including personal branding, finding your confidence and growing a freelance business.

Her honesty and humour are refreshing, so we wanted to make sure this came across on every page of her website. When a prospective client goes to get in touch with Lauren, they will feel like they already know her!

The challenges

Since Lauren was changing her entire brand identity, this meant we were starting from a new domain with zero ranking. Lauren has a solid reputation in the local area, but because her previous website had not grown with her new brand, it was necessary for us to start afresh. Thankfully, Lauren’s significant online following paired with our SEO know-how has meant the site has not lost rankings on Google. 

We were also tactful in our copywriting, using just a few short and snappy sentences to get across what she does.

Her about page became: “Get to know the lass behind the lens” and her homepage tagline continues this Geordie twang with: “I’m here to take your brand from ‘why?’ to ‘aye!”

All in all, we’re chuffed with the results… and the figures speak for themselves.

The results

What the client said

Working with you has been such an amazing experience! Your knowledge and creative ideas have made a huge difference.

For me it was an exciting process to bring my brand to life and launch I never expected the impact it created and so quickly too in terms of visits and even a booking!

I’m very grateful and highly recommend that people get in touch with you for websites and copywriting! Thank you soo much 🤩

Visit Lauren’s new website here or get in touch to talk about getting your own online shopfront.