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Rise Elevator

Building a digital presence that lifts the standard of elevator maintenance.

When we were initially approached by Rise Elevator, we knew we’d need to elevate their existing website from a self-hosted Wix site into something truly special.

As an independent lift installation, repair and maintenance provider, Rise Elevator provides a crucial service that keeps lift occupants safe and building owners compliant with key regulations.

Getting to know each other

We chatted through the project and potential customers – establishing an approach that didn’t just say: “this is how we’ll build your site”, instead allowing us to say: “Your customers need this, this and this, so let’s build it this way.”

In addition to serving needs, their website needed to be something inspirational, sending out a call to businesses that Rise Elevator is all about lifting elevator standards higher. It needed to be easy to navigate, drive new customer enquiries and demonstrate the need for often overlooked elevator services.

Site Identity & Wireframe

The Rise Elevator logo is a recognisable asset with a clear visual direction – which guided our web requirements and informed the visual direction of the site.

As a necessary but often misunderstood service offering, lift maintenance and repair breaks down into key factors such as installation, auditing, repairs and refurbishment. Our web design had to show each of these services to users in a way that quickly established their value and the need for potential clients to enquire.

With that in mind, we developed a clear sitemap that navigated quickly between the main areas a customer may need help with: lift compliance and lift services.

Branding & Imagery

To reflect the existing logo’s striking visual style, the site was developed with a defined visual style that utilised black and white background elements with a distinct orange header colour.

The orange detailing was also used to signpost customers to clear information such as contact details and buttons that direct to service pages.

A strong profile of brand imagery was commissioned by Rise Elevator and provided by Lauren Williams at For You Photography – which we then included on the website using clear and striking content blocks.

Brand videography was also provided for the website Joel Lowson Videography.

Copywriting & Technical Support

We migrated the old site’s existing SEO architecture to the new one and then reinforced search performance through the use of content-rich landing pages for each service.

Unlike many web design companies, we also created all of the copywriting on site to establish brand identity, appeal to user need and help solve people’s requirements – as well as reduce the time the client needed to spend trying to write about themselves!

Each page was written by considering who the user was, what they would be looking for and how to give them the right information.

In addition to creating all of the site content required to engage users, we also provided a technical maintenance package that sees us taking care of the website in a similar expert-led vein to the approach Rise Elevator takes with its customers elevators.

What they said:

“Ellen always makes sure that we are taken care of, from concept to completion of the work in perfect easy to manage steps. Her marketing knowledge is amazing and crucial when we are taking steps to grow our business.

The quality of all the work produced by Content By The Sea is always the highest quality and always in a timely manner.”

– Kris McGough, Managing Director at Rise Elevator

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