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Content By The Sea Services

Content is what makes your customers choose you, so it’s important to get it right.

At Content By The Sea, we work with businesses to make the most out of their online content. The way we see it, social media, email marketing and your website are simply the means of delivering your content. If your content brings value to your audience, is fit-for-purpose and encourages your reader to take action, then you’re ticking all the right boxes. But that’s easier said than done, right?

That’s where we come in. We’ll turn your brand’s personality into words. From designing beautiful websites to developing intricate user-first wireframes, scribing creative copy and actively generating out-of-the-box ideas – we’ll help you reach your audience, using content they’ll love.

What is content strategy?

Content strategy is all about the research, creation, delivery, governance and sharing of content that brings value to the reader.

This could be anything from a content hub of informative and useful content, like we’ve created for Approved Mortgage Solutions, or a digital PR and social media strategy supporting a new business launch, as we’ve done for FloKi Health.

When we’re working on a project, we consider who the content is for, what we want it to achieve and how we expect it to be perceived. It’s about all of our content marketing efforts working together, like cogs in a machine – all with one shared tone of voice, unique to your brand.

That’s where governance comes in. Content isn’t just marketing, it’s internal too. We can help with writing, proofreading and editing on all fronts – from company letters to newsletters, training guides and more.

Your content is how you speak to your audience, whether they’ve never heard of you before or they’ve been a loyal customer for decades. We’ll work with you to create a content strategy that’s simple and agile, so you can make the most out of every word.

How content strategy works.

Content Audits

We start any project by assessing what content you already have. In many cases, the content is there but it’s under-used, out-of-date or simply not visible to your audience. Using Google Analytics and other industry tools, we can start to understand what your audience likes and what doesn’t grab their attention. This vital information can form the basis of your brand’s content strategy.

The ``Why?``

More often than not we encounter brands trying to cover all bases. Sending out a weekly email newsletter, posting on every single social media platform and writing blog content ’til the cows come home. Even if you are managing to stick to this outrageous content schedule, ask yourself this: “why?” If you stopped sending those emails or publishing those tweets tomorrow, how would it affect your business?


Your content strategy is unlikely to deliver the desired results without great copywriting. We put your customers at the heart of everything we write. It’s about being self-aware but not selfish. We take time to understand your customer and develop a tone-of-voice from here, giving every piece of content clear direction and purpose.


Implementing your brand new content strategy is a proud moment for any marketer, but how will you maintain this level of quality in the future? We help businesses develop governance around their content strategy, so all materials are consistent and deliver against the same wider business goals.


If I had a penny for every time I saw a beautiful website with poor user experience, I’d be rich. When customers land on your website, what does your content encourage them to do? If they’re dropping off like flies after reading your latest blog, then we need to look at your website’s UX and accessibility.


So often, we put our heart and soul into producing a great piece of written content, we understand the audience and we carefully consider the delivery. So, why is it that we rarely go back to this piece and report on its successes and pitfalls?

Although not as easily quantifiable as its number-driven cousins PPC and SEO, content strategy can still form an important part of your brand’s attribution model.

Content-led web design.

We also build websites. This could be anything from a brochure site for a start-up, a re-skin of your eCommerce platform or a restructuring of your content hub.

We take a content-led approach to web design. That means no mock-ups without real content. Starting with a comprehensive wireframe, we build out your site with UX in mind.

From here, we develop the content that will form the basis of your customer’s experience on your website. By leading with content, we make sure that your website is bringing real value to your customer… it’s not just a pretty place.

You’ll be part of every stage of the web design process. And, once it’s all done and dusted, you’ll have the opportunity to make the most of CMS training and ongoing website management services.

We'll work with what you've got.

Whatever platform your website is on, we can work with you to get the most out of your online shopfront.  Prices may vary depending on your website provider.
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