I had NO idea 🤯

Shocked seagull

I had no idea

If you popped by the LinkedIn Community last week, you’ll know we were talking about misconceptions.

I find that misconceptions often go down a storm on LinkedIn. By addressing some common misconceptions in your industry, you are educating your audience, positioning yourself as the go-to person for your service and also encourages discussion – it’s a triple threat.

So, in the community, I posted some common misconceptions from your industries:


Common Misconception: Photography is easy, it’s just point-and-shoot.

Debunked: People often don’t realise what goes into a photo shoot.

Lighting and editing are vital – and not always easy! So much effort goes into editing and other aspects of being a photographer that people might know.

📰 PR 📰

Common Misconception: You have to have breaking news to get coverages

Debunked: News is an important part of PR, but you can get fantastic coverage through advice, opinion and thought leadership content if it is written well, has an original angle and is relevant to the specific audience.


Common Misconception: BD is a fancy way of saying ‘sales’

Debunked: Sales is a part of BD, but there is so much more to an effective BD strategy, including relationship building, account management and even marketing.


Common Misconception: An agency isn’t as effective as hiring in-house because they don’t know my business…

And Lauren contributed this corker for 📲 SOCIAL MEDIA 📲

Common misconception: Anyone with a smartphone can do it.

Debunked: They can’t. 😄