Passion Writing Prompts and How to Find Your Social Selling Index (SSI) 💘


Passion is what’s left when everything else is gone.

This is what we were all born to do

The weeks are flying by at the moment, here I am again writing the weekly exclusive newsletter for LinkedIn Toolkit members. How has everyone’s week been? This week in the community, we’ve been talking about passion.

As a copywriter, I think the word passion is often overused by businesses who are trying to sell their services.

“We’re passionate about providing cutting-edge solutions for businesses”

No, you’re not.

Passion is not just what we do to make money, it’s the reason why we do something. It’s an intangible thing that keeps us going even when things are shitty and nothing is going right for us.

I am really passionate about writing my newsletter – Conversations By The Sea – which just hit 100 subscribers this week! I have always loved writing and I needed an outlet for more personal topics, rather than industry spiel and copywriting that I do in my day job.

If you are passionate about something, you will fight for it. Whether that’s women’s rights, racial equality, body positivity or pineapple on pizza. It doesn’t matter how trivial it is – you can still feel that burning passion in your deepest core.

I’m at risk of sounding like a boomer right now, but I don’t think people are as passionate as they used to be. Maybe they are, and they just don’t express it – or they are too worried about what people think to share what they are truly passionate about.

I love nothing more than people who are unashamedly passionate about something and they don’t give a toss about being judged.

What are you passionate about? Try posting about it next week on LinkedIn!

Social Selling Index (SSI)

Lauren shared this useful link from Sales Navigator about SSI (Social Selling Index). Find out your SSI and discover how you could improve your LinkedIn usage. My results were canny but I definitely need to spend more time engaging with other people’s posts, rather than just writing my own.

Obviously, LinkedIn wants you to buy into their Sales Navigator tool – so take what they say with a pinch of salt. Success on LinkedIn comes from authenticity and consistency. I got the go-ahead for a couple of big web design projects from a lovely new client who approached me after I posted about Lauren McWilliams’ amazing marketing strategy. The post wasn’t even relevant to my web design services, but it positioned me in front of 3,000+ people and it turned out one of them needed two new websites. Bingo!

One last thing from me – I’ve been putting some effort into monitoring the reach, reactions and comments on my posts and I noticed that when I post on the weekend, I achieve many more views than weekdays (especially Mondays, they suck). I think a lot of it is down to competition on those days – something to think about when you are planning what and when to post next week.