Weekly Theme Announcement & Writing Prompts: Overcoming


In last week’s blog, I discussed the fear factor and how to get over those initial jitters about posting regularly on LinkedIn. Since then, I’ve seen many of you sharing some exceptional stuff, so I am really proud of the progress we have all made so far and it seems that the fear factor is a thing of the past!

Every week, I will issue a new theme, which will include several writing prompts for when you are stuck. You don’t have to use them, or you could look back on previous weeks and use those – they are not time-sensitive.

This week’s theme is overcoming and I shared some useful writing prompts in the LinkedIn Community. In case you missed it, here they are

  • What have you overcome in order to get where you are today?
  • Are you someone who is driven by adversity? Or do you struggle to overcome obstacles in your way?
  • Is there something you have overcome that is not directly relevant to your job, but has shaped who you have become?
  • Have you overcome any traditional stereotypes or common judgements of your gender/race/beliefs etc ?

I asked for other suggestions and my lovely friend and fellow Toolkit member Floriane of Happily Moving suggested exploring how not overcoming can also be a great thing:

While Hugh expressed his want to overcome time restrictions – something I hear a lot when I suggest people should post 3-5 times per week on LinkedIn.

Finding the time is easy once you make LinkedIn a priority for your day, I typically browse between intense writing jobs or client calls. It helps me to feel part of a community to comment on some of my favourite connection’s posts – it’s like a mini networking session.

On the topic of overcoming, I’ve talked at length about my own struggles with anxiety – even before the pandemic. One of my best performing post from this week was inspired by overcoming as I had to overcome my own nerves to go out into the real world and I even went to a coffee shop! This post reached over a 1,000 people. Wow!

And finally, I shared insight into why marketing and business development during a recession is so important to make sure you hit the ground running when things pick up. I highlighted all of the amazing work done by our lovely Toolkit member Lauren McWilliams to grow her business and how she is now fully booked ‘til August.

Following this post, I took a call from someone who saw this post and noticed I do web design. They asked me to put together a proposal for their website. This just proves what I am always harping on about… you don’t have to talk about your services all the time for people to see your content and the value you can bring. I didn’t even mention web design in that post!

Last week I posted the blog on Patreon, but I will also be sending it via email from now on – just in case you don’t check Patreon every week. I am also aiming to have it in your inbox by Friday 5pm – we’ll see how that goes!

Have a lovely weekend everyone and don’t forget to pop by the community, I post in there pretty much every day.

Ellen x