Writing Prompts & Hashtag Tips: Weird 👽

Embrace Your Weirdness

Friday again – what?!

In this week’s exclusive blog for LinkedIn Toolkit members, I want to talk about weirdness.

So often I talk about the ins-and-outs of writing the ‘perfect’ posts, from algorithm hacks to hashtags and the ‘golden hour’ but some of the most popular content I see is the weird stuff. Funny and relatable content stands out on LinkedIn because there is still a lot of crappy, boring and self-flatulating content being shared every day.

The reason I asked you all to explore your ‘weird’ side is that it’s these things that make us relatable. Finding common ground is an important part of networking and building relationships. As hard as marketers try, you can’t measure these things – it’s intuitive.

For that reason, the concept of relatability (and weirdness itself) can’t be taught. Saying that I do think there are some prying questions I can ask you to discover your weird side:

  • Do you have a hidden talent or a party trick?
  • Are you a no.1 fan of a certain band or artist?
  • Do you know every single word to a certain show?
  • Do you have any sayings that you are pretty sure you made up?

Here is a fantastic example from Rita, who is a member of the Toolkit and a professional business development consultant. She mentioned she’s a big fan of ABBA and I suggested she write a post about her field (business development) using the titles of ABBA songs in the post… This is what she came up with. Absolutely LOVED IT!


Did you post something weird this week? If not, then you can always use these prompts next week – the themes are never timely so you can dip into the back catalogue at any point. I am working on a section on my website where all of this information will be housed, so hopefully, this time next week that will be live!

In the meantime, here’s a quick tip I posted in the group this week about hashtags on LinkedIn:

Here’s the lowdown:

🔵 LinkedIn will prioritise content that uses hashtags

🔵 Your hashtags will connect other people with your content and also tell the algorithm what it’s about

🔵 Choose three hashtags to appear at the end of every post – LinkedIn will even suggest some. Try common phrases from your industry, such as #leadership #training #management

🔵 Don’t put hashtags in the middle of your post – this affects readability and looks spammy

🔵 Follow hashtags that you use regularly and interact with posts in there. I actively monitor the #copywriter hashtag for job requests and interesting posts in my niche.