Author: Ellen Forster

A guide to LinkedIn for creative freelancers

While it may not be the first platform to come to mind, LinkedIn is a highly effective tool for promoting your creative business. Whether you’re a copywriter (like me),  designer, illustrator, animator or any other type of creative freelancer, LinkedIn can be a fantastic outlet...

Why bullet journalling is exactly what I need right now

I’m a few years late to this trend but I am now officially a bullet journal-er(?). At the start of April, I fell down a YouTube rabbit hole after researching which graphics tablet to buy (I got the XP-Pen 12, in case you’re wondering). Before I knew it, I’d consumed 100s of hours of bullet journal content from the likes of Amanda Rach Lee (Queen of BuJo), Abbey Sy and Kalliopi Lyviaki, among others.

A sense of impending doom

I can’t help but think about the impending mental health crisis on the horizon in a post-pandemic world. Not just my own, but that of the entire global population. From the inevitable depression caused by weeks (potentially months) of isolation to the social anxiety sparked by lack of face-to-face contact… It’s all a bit worrying. And worrying is what I do best.

To market or not to market: Taking a sensitive approach to business

As the pandemic situation continues to unfold, and show no signs of slowing down, I’ve seen many different approaches to marketing one’s own business in these trying times. For some, it’s unforgivable. Any promotional material is seen as inappropriate and downright insensitive. While other businesses are embracing (and even exploiting) this period of inevitable economic downturn.